A Message from the Creative Director

Hello and welcome. I'm Sveta Pintel, the founder, owner, and chief designer of the Pintel brand.

Wherever you are today, my words are meant to offer you the opportunity to join what the Pintel brand should become tomorrow. Bringing progressive creative and business thinking to the table, my small talented team and I are seeking a passionate investor who shares our ambition to take the brand to new heights, building on the potential we've nurtured over eight-year journey.

Our hands-on full-cycle experience in creating collections from start to finish, relentless pursuit of improvement, and unlimited creative potential are driving us to transform our production process, corporate partnership principles, and the business model that helped the brand to make a loud statement in its early years.

Our track record speaks for itself with thousands of successful transactions and a loyal customer wide base spanning from Tokyo to Los Angeles, and London to Sydney. Repeated instances of creative plagiarism of Pintel items and nods from the influential international fashion press further accentuate our brand's viability and appeal. Our designs are not just clothes on a hanger, they are unique aesthetic statements that blend stylistic elements from different eras into a modern context in a continuous and non-standard manner. Without a doubt, Pintel is for women who think creatively.

We are steadfast in our dedication to innovation, character, and profitability of our fashionable enterprise. We offer business partnerships to inspired investor, ideally from the fashion industry, who share our vision.

For more information on our investment proposal, please contact us at your convenience.

Best regards,
Sveta Pintel
Creative Director of Pintel™

Registered Information

Registered company name: Pintel LLC.
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info@pintelstore.com (all business questions and proposals).
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